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Birthday drabbling....

There's another nice long one, I swear, but it's not done yet. So, I drabble for you, birthday girl.

She wasn't sure what woke her up. Perhaps the chiming of the clock, or the sound of her own breathing had jolted her awake so late at night. No matter what the cause, her reaction was typical. Roll over, and make sure he was still there, safe and sound where he belonged. It happened more often than Tonks would care to admit.

Bill had been taken, during the war. It had taken them over a month to find him and she'd been nearly hysterical the entire time. She'd done things she would most likely never tell him about, in order to find him. Then she, and his brothers, had killed everything and everyone keeping him prisoner.

It had been months before he'd fully healed, and while his own good nature seemed to have carried him through his recovery, Tonks still had moments of panic at night, fearing he'd be gone when she turned the next time. It didn't matter that years had passed, and the world was at peace.

As she slid an arm over his waist, spooning from behind, he woke and shifted a bit, pulling her arm more tightly around him. He was well aware of what she worried about, and while he couldn't change the past, he could reassure her.

"If you're that worried, love, you can make me breakfast in the morning. The thought of you cooking is sure to scare away anyone."

Routine completed, they both drifted back to sleep, fully aware that he'd be making breakfast while she dealt with the children.
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